About LearningCoreLeadership and Mindset4Results

As a Service-Disabled, Veteran Owned, Small Business (SDVOSB), LearningCoreLeadership, Inc (LCL) was founded by a U.S. Public Health Service physician with over 30 years in the practice of healthcare.  With his partners on the senior managing team, LCL leaders are experienced with all of the specific and ongoing challenges in healthcare, ranging from systems and process transformation, patient centricity and safety priorities, continuous quality improvement initiatives and frameworks, provider burnout and retention, and the scores of internal and external silos and conflicts that inhibit better quality, access and cost-savings throughout healthcare. As veterans and minority clients of the VA, LCL does business as Mindset4Results (M4XR) to help providers and practitioners address these challenges in service to and for the well-being of its distinguished clients. At the core of this commitment is the belief that improving relationships throughout health and healthcare is the essential factor if real and lasting progress is to be made in any of these challenges.

Our core competency is helping individuals and organizations shift from a self-focused inward mindset to an others-aware outward mindset to create the positive space that allows the various techniques in crucial conversations and crucial accountability to be more effective, sustainable and impactful.  Our programs and methodology are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation, and more than 30 years of experience working across healthcare sectors and services, including hospital, clinic, non-profit, federal, Tribal, and private sector facilities and roles including direct care, administration, research, regulation, telemedicine, and medical education. 

Our approach provides the foundational mindset shift that makes the behavioral techniques and skills more effective and more lasting.  The analogy is in planting a seed.  Most efforts are spent on selecting the right seed.  What is usually not tended to is the soil that seed will be planted in.  Our approach combines the use of the right seed (crucial conversations) but emphasizes cultivating the soil (setting the right mindset) that will allow that seed to flourish.  This effectively reduces the intensity and emotionality of the challenging issues in the VHA, making the issue less about conflict management and more about resolution, collaboration, accountability, and better results.

Our Team

Eric Jacobs

Eric Jacobs

Insights Director

"Awareness is the first step: we look for the insights that inspire your journey beyond awareness."


Jason Woo

Managing Partner

"The opposite of war isn't peace; it's creation! Our work helps organizations move beyond the improvement frameworks that seek compliance to a framework that inspires real collaboration."

Ben Silverman

Consultive Services Director

'We do this work because we know the challenges you have; we live them everyday."

Noah Nevo

Education/Non-Profits Director

"We never let the greatness of anyone in our path go unnoticed."

Damon Woo

Operations Director

"Our Operations and Quality Assurance approach is rooted in our organizational embodiment of the self-awareness and beyond-behavior models we teach."

Dan McKay Head Shot

Dan Mckay

Health Services Director

"Seeing others as people is the foundation for connecting that leads to improving relationships and restoring health in all we do."

Teresa Roberts

Coaching Director

"Being a guide for our clients as they travel their journey is so inspiring: being present for the transformation of their organizations is a true gift."

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